The Gourmet Grill provides a unique concept in take-home food

Great tasting food that is good for you! That's what makes us the Healthy Alternative.

Light cuisine has become the cooking style of choice for people concerned about healthy eating. The Gourmet Grill has developed recipes that trim the unwanted fats from foods without trimming the taste. Our meat, chicken, fish & produce are delivered DAILY in small quantities from ALL Local Vendors

We never use flour or egg yolks in our recipes and we never, ever fry our food. Our chicken for instance, is made by first removing all the skin & fat from the chicken. Our breaded chicken cutlet is lightly coated using our special recipe, then it is grilled over an open flame for that great outdoor flavor. Our Grilled chicken is quickly marinated & grilled over an open flame to secure in the moistness & flavor.

Our Chopped salads are “The Best in Town” - giving YOU the power to control what you eat!

All of our burgers, veggies, steak, turkey and eggplant dishes are also grilled in this manner, so we add taste without adding calories. Our Thin Crust Pizza & Quesadillas are oven baked to our standards using o­nly Low fat part skim Mozzarella & fresh, homemade tomato sauce. Whole Wheat Pasta is available.

When our recipes call for it we use o­nly 100% cholesterol-free extra virgin olive oil so our food is low in unwanted fat calories.

You don't have to be a dietician to realize that simple, everyday food, without added fats, preservatives or chemicals are generally preferable.

The Gourmet Grill is committed to offering you fresh cooked food with good nutrition and low calories. We provide a nutritional breakdown of calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium o­n most items.

The Gourmet Grill is for the individual concerned with eating healthy and for those who want good tasting, fresh food.

In other words - it's for everyone!

Monday - Friday : 7am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

FREE Local Delivery – Mineola, Garden City, Willistons – Minimum Please $10.00
Roosevelt Field, Hempstead, New Hyde Park - Minimum $25.00

We NEVER add a delivery Charge!

Gourmet Grill
85 Mineola Blvd. , Mineola , NY 11501
Tel: 516-742-1800 Fax: 516-742-1899


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